Volunteer Opportunities

We offer a variety of avenues to serve SMU RUF.  Whether you are a young professional or well-seasoned, with young kids or an empty nester, we have a place for you to serve.  We currently offer three different ways to give your time and energy to the ministry.  They include:

Life on Life Volunteers

A Life on Life Volunteer is most directed to young adult professionals who are up to ten years out of college.  Because college students' schedules are flexible, young professionals typically have the most availability to spend time with students on weeknights and weekends.  This is a much more relationally intensive way to model Christian holiness and point students deeper into the life of RUF and the local church.  To fill out an interest form, click here.

Hospitality Hosts

The Gospel is an invitation to the household of God, wherein a gracious, heavenly Father provides prodigiously in a feast for his adopted sons and daughters.  Christians in the early church were known for their uncommon hospitality and generosity.  Families today can show that same love of Christ through a warm meal and opening their home to college students.

We have found many families very willing to open their homes to students, but students have been hesitant to go.  It seems strange that a college student would turn down a free meal from a nice family in a nice home, but then again, it can be daunting for a college student to just show up at a stranger’s house.  

This will require a couple of things from our hospitality hosts.  First, it will take patience, as it takes time for students to “get it” and show up at someone’s home.  Second, it could likely require pursuit on behalf of the family to get to know the student! Strange, I know.  This is why RUF will aim to provide opportunities for families to come to RUF events on campus where they can get to know students.  One face to face conversation can go a long way in beginning a relationship with a college student.  Finally, it may require coordination with our Life on Life volunteers, acting in concert with the LOLer who guides and takes the students to your home.  Of course, inviting the students to church can’t hurt either! To fill out an interest form, click here.

Vocation Mentors

To help a college student is in many ways to answer the question: What do I do with my life?  There is nothing we do more than our jobs (other than sleep).  Therefore it is essential that RUF help prepare students to figure out how to glorify God thorugh future vocations.

Starting this fall, we will pilot a vocation mentorship program aimed at SMU students at PCPC members.  Using a newly developed, proprietary smartphone app, RUF will be able to allow mentors to create profiles based on industry and career experience that students can then select to meet with.  Over the course of three months, mentors and students agree to meet four times (at a place and time of the mentor’s choosing) to discuss work, career, and how to live faithfully as a Christian in the workforce.

We plan to expand the mentor pool outside of PCPC eventually and include members of other PCA churches, while also making the mentorship available to non-RUF attendees who are active in their particular major/school (i.e. Cox School of Business, Lyle School of Engineering, etc.). To fill out an interest form, click here.