Small Groups

Our small groups are where we work out what the gospel means practically in our lives, in relationships with others struggling to do the same. Through bible discussions, prayer, accountability, friendships, and service, we hope the message of Jesus becomes more deeply rooted in us as we grow in faith, hope, and love.

We intend for our small groups to reflect the welcome of Jesus Christ, to be…

  • places where the stereotypical church culture does not hide the gospel 
    (i.e., “insider” language, habits, customs, etc.).
  • places where hurting people are welcomed, cared for, and shown the gospel.
  • places where people can have time to process the gospel and faith.
  • places where people want to bring their friends, whether they share our beliefs or not.
  • places where the dignity of each individual is respected.
  • places where honesty and trust are high priorities.
  • places where the gospel is known and proclaimed by what we say and how we live.