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Growth Articles 

  1. “How Can I Know God”: A short piece written by Tim Keller, a pastor in Manhattan, NY, about beginning a personal relationship with God.
  2. “Singled Out by God for Good”: A short, witty article written by Paige Benton Brown, a former RUF staff member at Vanderbilt.  Paige provides perspective on God's goodness in the midst of being single.
  3. “Bridging the Great Divide”: Jeremy Weese, a pastor in LA, reflects practically on dating as a Christian.
  4. “The Weight of Glory”: C. S. Lewis' highly regarded sermon about human dignity and the glory of God.
  5. “The Glory of Plodding”: A short post from pastor Kevin DeYoung on living faithfully as an ordinary Christian.
  6. “The Service Patch”: An op ed piece written by Times columnist David Brooks about how service has become a patch for morality among college students.  
  7. “Knowing God's Will”: Bryan Chappell, former pastor and seminary president, brings clarity to the issue of knowing and doing God's will.
  8. “Wisdom and Sabbath Rest”: Tim Keller explains how to cultivate rest in the midst of our busyness and work.
  9. "A Bird's Eye View of the Bible"- Chapman tells the story for the bible and how the Old Testament leads to Christ in the New.
  10. "You are What You Love" - James K.A. Smith talks about the importance of desire and habits in cultivating an identity in Christ.